Wednesday, July 1, 2009

day one

so this is my first post for my new fiction story i'm writing. so far i've decided to call the story different days. i'll have to wait and see if that stays or not. the story is about a girl who goes through life and in the end kills herself. the point is that i want to show that suicide is out there and that many people die from it. most stories i've come across that have suicide tend to have the character live. well i'm not having that. people die.

so far i have the death scene and the beginning of the first chapter. i am using some symbolism. which i'm a huge person against. why does there have to be symbolism in everything? there isn't. sometimes i just want it to rain, not because the characters are sad am i having it rain (the great gatsby). but i'm using two colors for the meaning behind it. green (midori) for the meaning of eternal life, youth, and misforutne. and blue for the meaning puirty, feminity, life, stability, and depression. also i'm naming the main character sarah. sara from the bible stood for beauty, was blessed and she was the princess of the tribe.

well that's all for now. for this journal i will not be caring about spelling and whatnot. that's for my story. if you have any thoughts or cares, feel free to share. by for now.

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