Tuesday, July 28, 2009

writing contest

well good karama has kicked in for once. you see karma and i are not friends. we do not text each other, but yet karma likes to kick me in the ass. well karma has owed me a big one and maybe finally it's paying back. you see jeremy got an email yesterday about a writing contest. he doesn't konw why it came to him (he's not a writer, heck he barely reads) and he doesn't know why he opened it. but he did. and when he saw it was a writing contest he forwarded it off to me. well i opened it and actually read the email and couldn't believe my eyes. it's a contest for a collection of poetry or short fiction stories. if you win the contests you get your collection published and you get 10 free copies of the book plus $1000. so after i read the email i went to the website and checked it all out. and i've decided i'm going to try for it. everything is due august 31st. and if i shut myself in a little bit, i know i can get it done. i'm totally excited about it and know i will start working on it tonight.

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