Wednesday, July 1, 2009


so i was just in the shower, yes i realize it's 12:30pm and i'm just now showering, and i wasn't really thinking about anything when it hit me how to set up the chapters for the book. instead of your normal chapters i'm giong to do it in just scenes. some chapters in some books are many days and many different scenes. i'm giong to just have it be in short spurt of a scene and then it will be a new chapter. the biggest thing is that i don't want the time line to matter. the only thing about the time line that matters is that these scenes happen before she kills herself. ("Time line?!?!? This is no time to argue about time! We don't HAVE the time! ..."- the movie star trek: first contact)

inspiration tends to come to me like that. i'll be at work and i'll just being typing away (i do data entry) and all of a sudden it will hit me on how to write something; and so i'll have to scribble away real quick and then i'll go back to work. if i want to get something done, i have to not think about it and then it will hit blindside. which to me makes it all the sweeter. sometimes i'll be in the middle of a converstion and i'll have to write something down real quick because i totally just figured something out for my writing.

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