Wednesday, July 1, 2009


so i was writing and to have the girl kill herself i'm using the old slit your wrists way. well i'm having her use an x-acto knife. well when i was writing it i originally put exacto knife. i spell how things sound. (and in case you don't really know me, i'm a horrible speller. but i say that is why there are editors. hehe.) microsoft word told me i spelled the word wrong. so i right clicked the word to see how it was spelled, and there was nothing like my word. so i messaged jeremy (my boyfriend) and asked him how to spell the word (he uses them all the time for art). and he said it's x-acto. so i typed that in and microsoft word still yelled at me. well i know that jeremy spelled it right, so i just made word add it to the dictionary. i was just surprised that it didn't already have the word in the program. but i guess that it can't every word konw to man in the english dictionary in the word program.

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