Tuesday, July 14, 2009


so i've decided to change this blog just a little bit. it's not just going to be about my one story i'm writing but i'll post about all the works i'm working on. for i have a bunch of different things that i'm working on. so here's my first post in that field. i'm still working on my story. but i'm also working on getting published with some poetry. i have 4 different poems sitting out in the world waiting to here back from the magazine's to see if i will get published. also there's a magazine that wants a flash fiction story about the first time a person had sex. so i'm trying to come up with something for that. mine wasn't all that eventful (not saying it wasn't enjoyable, but it's wasn't like 'holy crap amazing!'). and so i don't know what i'll write. but then again i could just have it as the person not overly enjoying it. i'll have to think on it. and i have time before the deadline.

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a.e. said...

'holy crap amazing!'

I think first-time sex is always a little awkward.
That way it can only get better.