Wednesday, March 31, 2010

piers anthony

so as you know i bought piers anthony's tarot trilogy on ebay and i was really excited about it for it's out of print and there's no easy way to get it anymore. i've looked at used book stores and can never find the books. or i would find the last book but not the first two. well that doesn't help me for i want the whole trilogy and i want to start at the beginning. so in piers' most recent blog post he talks about how pirating is a problem especially with ebay. he goes on to say that authors miss out on the money that is due to them for people who do not have permission to sell their books are selling them and the authors don't get their due. piers went so far as to write ebay a letter to say that they need to stop letting people who don't have permission to sell the books. i understand piers' stance and that authors need to get their due for they worked hard to create those pieces of work. and i feel bad that piers will not get his money due to him from the sale of me buying those books. but at the same time i'm very glad that i have those books, due to the fact that you can't find them anywhere. so yeah. it's a double edge sword. piers deserves that money that is due to him, but when i can't find the books what am i supposed to do?

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