Monday, March 22, 2010


so i haven't really been updating and that's my bad. lately i've been busy. so my writing has taken somewhat of a hit and my reading even. i know hard to believe but i've been reading less lately. so bare with me and once i'm all settled i'll be back to my normal set of tricks. i do have some exciting news, i've recently bought on ebay the tarot trilogy by piers anthony. i've read it before but it wasn't mine so i couldn't keep it. i've been looking for it for awhile and it's out of print so it's hard to find. well i decided to hunt around on ebay and i found the series. i was all excited and bought it right away. it was only 10.50 for all three books, with no shipping costs. so that is nice. so now i can't wait until it gets shipped to me. they are slightly used, but for a book collection that i can't buy anywhere anymore, i'm very ok with that. its such a good series i can't wait to read it again.

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