Tuesday, March 16, 2010

little things here and there.

muse concert was amazing! it was by far the greatest concert i have ever gone to, and i've seen some awesome bands in concert. the venue was nice too. i saw muse at the united center in chicago. i wasn't that close, but i could still see them with no problems, and that is all that matters. it rocked my socks off!

i've recently purchased the dr horrible sing-along blog soundtrack and dvd, which are amazing! the writing is good, there's a bunch of tonge and cheek stuff. but the best part is the music! the music was written wonderfully! for a short film (42 minutes), filmed indie style (only costed 200,000 and the actors weren't conpensated when they filmed the movie), it has wonderful music scores! so great job whedon brothers and maurissa tancharoen.

last week i got a letter back from the wisconsin review. they turned down my 2 poems i sent them. that's fine. you can't win them all. the poems really go together and i think they deserve to get published, so i'll just send them to another place. if you can't take rejection don't go into the publishing buisness. publishing of any kind, music, book, movies, etc.

i'm working on two different articles for application to jobs. well one is an internship and another is an unpaid job. you get paid in perks. both are for websites. but i would love to work for them. so i'm working on my application. when i hear back from the places i will share with you guys.

thats all from here. just a little update on what i've been doing. i'll leave you with a picture from the muse concert.



Nice post...its melody..and where is front man/lead voc?and the picture also good mollie.
Srinivasa Rao.Sappa
indian Blogger

mollie said...

matthew bellamy is on the left when you look at the photo.