Tuesday, March 9, 2010

riddle-master trilogy

patricia a mckillip wrote the riddle-master trilogy and it is an amazing series! i've read it before but it was so long ago i just remembered bits and pieces of it. so when christmas came around and i was given $75 in barnes and noble gift cards, i knew i had to buy this series. i bought it in a three-in-one collection meaning, all three books were put together in one gaint book. i like buying books like that for it makes reading the series much easier.

i've been finished with the book(s) for a week or so now, but i am just getting around to tell you all about it! it's an amazing series. mckillip has a wonderful talent of describing the world with such poetry. imagry is a really big part of the series, i would say the books are driven by imagry. yes there's dialogue, but that's not what drives the story. it's a beautiful story and i would strongly suggest it to anyone who likes fantasy. i've never read anything else mckillip has written but i'm definatly going to go out and buy something else of hers, she did that great of a job writing these books! so go out and read!

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