Wednesday, August 4, 2010


so i don't know if you've noticed, but on my list of websites to visit i have kickstarter. which is this great website that lets people start projects with the help of people from all over the country. you pledge so much money and then the people from the project give you things in return of pledging your money. but you don't have to pay what you pledge unless the project reaches it's projected goal within a certain amount of time.

so for example: say i'm trying to publish a book of poems. so i figure i'm going to need about $5000 to fund the whole thing. so i say on kickstarter, i need that much money. and if you pledge say $10 i'll give you an individual poem signed by me. if you pledge $50 i'll give you the whole book of poems numbered and signed by me. so on and so forth. but you only have to pay your money if i reach my $5000 goal.

well i ran across this kickstarter project and it only has until august 7th to reach it's goal. i wanted to share it with you for it's a writing group trying to raise money to better their writing space. the group is called the desert island supply co (disco) and it's a writing group for kids aging from 6-18. i think this is a great little group and should reach it's goal. here's the link to this specific kickstarter.

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