Monday, August 23, 2010

rizzoli and isles

so side note before i jump into my post. if your going to peg me as a certain type of reader, i would say i'm a fantasy reader. that is your safest bet. i do read other things. i read science fiction, fiction, poetry, historical fiction and from time to time, non-fiction. but i have never really picked up a mystery/murder book. well there is always a first.

i started watching the show rizzoli and isles on tnt. it's on monday's at 10/9c. it's a great show! i'm very sick of cop shows (it seems thats all that's on tv these days) but i really like this cop show. and i like this show because of the two main characters. i love how they are written. completely different people. rizzoli is a tomboy, shooting from the hip, kind of cop. she's had to work for what she has and she has the brains and the skill to stand behind what she does.she's just awesome. she's definatly street smart. i love her attitude. isles is from the rich side of life. very intelligent, book smart. but is good at her job also. takes things just a little too literal, but is quick on her feet. with both of them working together, they make a great team. sooooo as i was watching the show i realized that it is based off of a book series by tess gerritsen. so i decided that if i like the show i might like the books. i trotted on down to the library, in my jamies. for i refused to get dressed that day. hehe. and i got the first book in the series. which actually doesn't have isles in the book. she doesn't enter the series until the second book. but i got the first book called the surgeon. and so far, i love it! i've been hooked from the very first page. i can't wait to finish the book and i'm excited to get the next one. the characters are just as awesome in the book. and i love how tess gerritsen weaves her story. so if you like murder/mystery books, i say go and get this one. it will have you on the edge of your seat.

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