Tuesday, August 17, 2010

poetry postcards 3

today in the mail i had gotten 5 postcards with poetry! it was a lovely surprise, for i was starting to get worried that i wasn't going to be getting any more postcards. so here are the new postcards of poetry in no particular order.

the first poem: Last Time
I was half-
blind with
now the truth-
your eyes
are bloodshot
and like
the moon,

                                             the second poem has no title:
                                             to sunflowers, exercise
                                             plus red not poppies those
                                             in seattle have in paper i do
                                             vienna! tho' pennsylvania
                                             the collection "barnes" an-
                                             other nor the iconic man
                                             and woman in gold
                                            works of mass exposure
                                            yellows whites AND green
                                            and RED floating vienna
                                            river perch in botanical
                                            garden meanls of fortune

the third poem: Streetlight
i fold my cold fingers
into my palm

the yellow streetlight
won't warm my hands

but when i say your name
you begin to begin

                                          the forth poem has no title:
                                          don't judge me.
                                          you haven't journeyed down my roads.
                                          you want change-
                                          i only know this way of life.
                                         you seek healing for our wondedness,
                                         yet i feel no wound.
                                         take time to know me.
                                         let me know you-
                                         then we can decide.

the fifth poem: Sheer Cleft
it was just a simple situation
but someone objected
and filed a complaint.
which irritated the other guy,
bringing in a third perspective
and the problems just piled up
and up and up and up and up.
i can see distant horizons
but i just can't get down
from where i reside
on the peak of progress
at the edge of the edge.

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