Tuesday, August 31, 2010

poetry postcard 11

the latest poem is called: the loss of one more link. the writer notes on the postcard that the poem was composed from bits and pieces of emails sent after joan's passing.

in the early hours of a march morning,
during a peaceful and painless sleep,
in the presence of those who dearly love her,
aunt joan passed away.

it is hard to accept that she is gone.
she was such a lady,
so welcmoing and fun to be with,
a breath of fresh air, yet also
worldly and sophisticated!
we would look forward to her visits,
prepare everything just right:
now there is a void within our lives,
the loss of one more link
to mumsie and my old world relatives.

and so, by way of homage and remembering,
i gaze upon an artifact from the past:
a black-and-white photograph of
a wartime wedding dinner, with a young joan,
smiling, an intense groom, janusz,
and all four sisters, alas, now dwindling fast.

words of support and consolation come:
joan is with her sisters, sympathetic company,
no longer suffering. thus we continue living
with the greatest of sorrows,
badly shocked and shaken.

how are things with you, janusz,
during these days of grief and sadness,
stabilized and getting better?
our thoughts and prayers are with you now,
to restore strength, more suitable conditions.
we send you these comforting words,
our love, beautiful flowers,
wishing you peace and mending:
better days will come, please be assured.

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